A handmade bespoke zinc top kitchen table

A handmade bespoke zinc top kitchen table

Code: 12001


We make what are probably the finest zinc top tables in the UK.

The table tops are hand made in our workshops, where they are then wrapped in 1.5mm zinc which is carefully “tailored” around the shape of the top, and then hand tacked in place. Finally, the zinc surface is then coloured and aged to the clients' requirements. The top is then placed onto the cast iron legs, which are made in a local foundry in Somerset.

A standard table will take one of our most highly skilled craftsmen well over a week to make… they truly are artisan pieces.

Our classic zinc topped table has a beautifully thick, curved 60mm deep top. We can also make a square edged top, which can be studded or riveted or left plain as desired.

Tables can be made in any width and length required.

As a further option, all our tables can be built with rails to allow shelves to stand above the tables.

Each table is made bespoke to our clients' requirements of size, shape and finish… so whilst we may have “standard” designs, these can be altered to produce truly one-off pieces.

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