A Brass Saddle Rack & Tack rack (new)

A Brass Saddle Rack & Tack rack (new)

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£850.00 inc vat and uk delivery Approx $1116.95, €1005.92

Designed and made by Andrew Nebbett Designs, (with design registration).

All mounts screw to the wall to bespoke fit to your own saddle.

The top centre curved support arm sits in the gullet of the saddle and holds all the weight.

This avoids damage to the softer parts of the saddle caused by most traditional saddle racks.

The images show our ready-to-go set. All the fittings are made of high quality solid brass.

Included in the set are the 5 brass saddle support arms, the three brass tack rack support arms and the 

brass name plate engraved to your personal horse name. (includes up to 7 letters, £5 per letter extra for longer names)


The black backboard and saddle are for display only but we can supply backboards to your dimensions and colours at extra cost. 


The item shown is the ready-to-go full set, but we also make custom racks to your requirements. 

These custom racks can be made for you in a choice of finishes such as nickel plated as shown in the last image, antiqued brass, bronze or bespoke colours. Please call us for more details.


We also offer a bespoke stable fitting service, designed on a CAD programme to allow you to be involved every aspect of your dream stable fittings.


The brass set as shown is priced at £850 including vat and postage within most of  the UK. 

The saddle rack only is £545 inc vat and delivery within most of the uk.


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Brilliantly designed and hand made in Great Britain.